Delphi Elements sofa

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Elegant in its expression, subtle in the details and inventive in terms of options, Delphi Elements is a stunning fusion of Swiss precision and Danish craftsmanship. The look is streamlined and stylish in an inviting, ergonomic design that’s a contemporary classic. Compared to typical sofas, Delphi Elements exudes sublime simplicity expressed in a modular, lifestyle solution. Featuring modules that allow you to create your own bespoke sofa set-up. In order to achieve the tight, comfortable shape with no loose cushions, it involves expert upholstery skills.

DesignerHannes Wettstein , 2007

Produsent: Fredericia (Erik Jørgensen Collection)


Model 4101+4506+4101+4504

Lengde: 325 cm

Bredde: 85 / 170 cm

Høyde: 66 cm

Base av rustfritt stål.

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Elegance Walnut 20195, Steelcut Trio 3 0105