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The task was to create a new sofa design using high-quality materials that had references to classic modernism, while also being unique. Dan Svarth, the architect, presented the results of his considerations in early 2018 with both 1:5 and 1:10 scale models and in watercolour, and then development got started on Kløvermarksvej.

Many hours were spent in the cabinetmaker’s workshop to get the rounding of the base frame to fit the slanted angle of the legs and uprights and in the upholstery workshop to get the straps tightened. However, the big challenge was getting the leather neatly stretched out in one piece without a seam along the middle, and without losing the nice arch in the back and the comfortable lumbar support.

It took some elbow grease, but the result speaks for itself: a whole leather hide for the rear of the back section and a whole leather hide for the inner side of the backrest lend the sofa an exclusive look, while the rounded shape simultaneously invites you to get comfortable.

The Sofa’s base frame is made of beech – a strong material, which is easy to work with. The slim, slightly arched leg frames with the tall aft staves in the back ensure that the sofa looks just as beautiful from behind as it does from the front. The upholstery is traditionally made using hairlock, cotton wadding, hemp webbing and exclusive leather, which will take on patina and only become more beautiful with age.

The Sofa is produced in A. Petersen’s workshops on Kløvermarksvej.

Dan Svarth

A Petersen

Ramme i mahogany. Dekket i Elegance eller Vegetal leather fra Sørensen Leather (natur, sort, rød eller brun).

L: 150 cm, D: 72 cm, H: 95 cm, SH: 40cm

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