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Hanger | A Petersen

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The sophisticated wall-mounted Hanger, designed by Jakob Jørgensen, is A. Petersen’s take on the modern coat rack and shelf system. Jakob Jørgensen’s designs are often complicated constructions disguised behind an easy and simple exterior. The appearance of the design can be changed completely, is flexible and depends on its use. If you dig into the details, you will see thoroughly thoughtthrough constructions unfold, composed of carefully crafted elements.

Hanger consists of several individual parts, and the hooks and shelf are designed to display whatever is most important to have near at hand in the hall, the kitchen or the bedroom. Both the hooks and the shelf are loose and slide along the back panel to any desired position.

The stainless-steel back panel strikes a discrete contrast to the two wooden panels, which are arranged such that the hooks and shelf are perfectly interlocked, with no need for screws or other fittings. Hanger is made at Getama in northern Jutland, where all the parts are trimmed and sanded in order to make every curve and contour tight and uniform.

Jakob Jørgensen

A Petersen

Eik og rustfritt stål

L: 80 / 150 cm

Hver knaggrekke kommer med 6 / 10 avtagbare knagger.
Det finnes hyller som kan brukes i knaggrekkesystemet.


150 cm, 80 cm


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