Bookkeeper | A Petersen

kr 4592

The Bookkeeper is a useful little piece of furniture designed by architect Dan Svarth. As a supplement to the bookcase, it is ideal for storing the books you are currently reading or the week’s newspapers and for organising your vinyl collection. Or as a corner unit with room for knitting or magazines.

This Bookkeeper originally came to be in A. Petersen’s own cabinetmaking workshop on Kløvermarksvej, initially made from simple MDF boards that were cut, milled and glued together to form three surfaces with corners and edges, until the colourful little piece ended up looking quite complex. The many angles and the opening to the rear lend it a light and elegant quality. Two small, angled legs tilt the whole box, ensuring that everything always remains in place.

Dan Svarth

A Petersen

Malt tre og MDF i seks ulike farger.

B: 34cm, D: 34cm, H: 38cm


1028 yellow, 2002 red, 5012 blue, 6017 green, 7042 grey, 8022 black