How to Use a Middleman to Investigate Click Fraud

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How to Use a Middleman to Investigate Click Fraud


There are many ways to investigate click fraud. Using a middleman is one of them. A middleman can help you to monitor click fraud and help you catch the perpetrators. However, using a middleman can also be risky. You might end up spending money on services that don’t deliver results.

Detecting click fraud

Detecting click fraud in online advertising is an important challenge that advertisers face. The process involves webmasters, who act as publishers and display clickable links from advertisers. The advertisers pay the advertising networks for the clicks made by users on their advertisements. As a result, there is a strong incentive to perform click fraud.

One way to identify click fraud is to use the IP address of the person clicking the ad. The IP address is a 12-digit number provided by the internet service provider. In most cases, traffic from a cloud provider is non-human traffic. The IP address is also visible on public directories, which may provide clues about the internet service provider.

Another way to detect click fraud is to use third-party solutions. These can be embedded in the advertiser’s web pages or Javascript. Such third-party solutions can verify log files from the advertiser, but can only see a portion of the traffic.

Performing click forensics

If you’re a web marketer, performing click forensics on your ads can reveal useful information about your website visitors and how to convert them. For example, it can show you that high-risk clicks consistently account for 13 to 14 percent of all paid clicks, which makes them highly likely to be bogus. In addition, this analysis can help you avoid losing money to fraudulent clicks, which will leave you with more funds to use in your marketing campaigns.

In addition to protecting your ads from fraudulent clicks, performing click forensics can provide deep insight that can help you improve your marketing campaigns and stretch your budget. For instance, it can reveal that certain IP addresses are being used to click your ads, despite the fact that they’re not from your website. That information will allow you to investigate and block these users from targeting your ads in the future.

Using a middleman

Middlemen often earn a percentage of sales, usually 10 to 15 percent. However, they may have a set commission fee from suppliers, so the middleman should check this first before setting their own. Middlemen are typically hired to contact a list of potential buyers, and deliver the final price of a product or service, including the middleman’s cut.

Middlemen connect the producer and the consumer, but often do not produce anything themselves. Their main advantage is that they can mark their products up, allowing them to profit from the high demand. However, the rise of e-commerce has changed this model, allowing consumers to buy more goods directly.

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