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Look At This Graph on Vine


In 2015, a video called Look At This Graph went viral on Vine. It was based on a song by Nickelback called Photograph from their All the Right Reasons album. Its premise was that you can share an image with your friends, but it had to be a graph. In fact, the song has over 2.2 million views in just one month. It has become one of the most popular vines on YouTube.


Many people are baffled by the «Look At This on TikTok» trend. These videos, in which people stare at the camera and then something in the background, make people cringe and wonder what’s going on. Many people have commented about this trend, including rap artist Kid Cudi.

When deciding whether to upload your video to TikTok, make sure you think about what kind of audience you’ll be targeting. While you can always post any video on TikTok, make sure you create a video with a fun theme and a light-hearted tone. People on TikTok are looking for entertainment, and they will be more likely to engage with your video if it’s entertaining. Also, remember to use relevant hashtags to boost your video’s visibility.

TikToks compilation garnering over 2.2 million views in a month

A compilation of TikToks has gained over 2.2 million views in just one month, thanks to a YouTuber named NotboyXD. The compilation features a variety of videos, from dances to optical illusions. Some of the most viral videos on the platform have received billions of views.

One of the most popular TikToks is by Bella Porch, who lip syncs to the song «Fly» by Millie B. The video has over 683.4 million views and more than 56 million likes.

Feist’s documentary/live album Feist: Look at What the Light Did Now

Feist’s new documentary/live album Look at What the Light Done Now is a resoundingly beautiful and emotional release. Released in December 2010, the album has received critical acclaim and has garnered a large following. The album is a powerful and moving work that embodies Feist’s passion for music and social activism.

The documentary/live album chronicles Feist’s journey from underground artist to pop star. Feist reveals how her new music was created, and the collaborations that helped her realize her goals. She worked with a variety of collaborators, including video director Patrick Daughters and shadow puppet artist Clea Minaker.

Internet trends that make no sense

If you’ve ever searched the Internet, you have probably noticed a trend that makes no sense. Some trends are so bizarre that you’re not sure how to react, while others just have no sense at all. One example of an Internet trend that makes no sense is the «cat beard.» It’s a clever idea – but it’s also weird, as cats don’t grow beards. Moreover, a cat’s beard is not the best look for human beings – it drops their IQ.

Dette nettstedet bruker informasjonskapsler for å sikre at du får den beste opplevelsen på nettstedet vårt.