Expanding Your Interlibrary Loan Offerings With Find More Illinois

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Expanding Your Interlibrary Loan Offerings With Find More Illinois


If your library is interested in expanding its interlibrary loan offerings, consider joining Find More Illinois. This online tool is open to all Illinois libraries, and requires no annual fee. While it isn’t intended to replace catalog software or LLSAP membership, it does offer many benefits. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important features of the new program.

Find More Illinois is an interlibrary loan platform

Find More Illinois is a new platform that will make it easier for libraries in the state to share resources. It will reduce costs and allow you to access more Illinois library holdings. You can search the holdings of participating libraries and request materials from other libraries in a single, seamless interface. The platform is open to all Illinois libraries, regardless of size, and requires no set-up fees and no annual fee until July 2023.

The Illinois State Library and the University of Illinois have developed the Illinois Government Information (IGI) search engine, which will allow you to perform searches across the state’s websites. The State Librarian and Secretary of State Jesse White also maintain an online directory called Every Library in Illinois (ELI). You can find library directories, statistics, and contact information for Illinois libraries with the SILC.

It is open to any interested Illinois library

LSTA is a program that supports Illinois libraries in their efforts to enhance the learning environment for their patrons. This program offers grants of up to $40,000 to help libraries implement technology-based learning experiences. To apply, Illinois public library agencies must be recognized by the Illinois State Library as full members in good standing of an Illinois library system. Requests are evaluated based on the information provided in the application, and funding is granted to those projects that best address the purpose of the grant offering.

Illinois libraries can apply for the program to share their resources. The program is open to Illinois libraries and is subsidized by RAILS. Illinois libraries will not be billed for the program until July 2023. The program is designed to make resource sharing between participating Illinois libraries easier, but it is not a replacement for an existing catalog or LLSAP membership.

It does not replace catalog software

While many people might have a catalog software application installed on their computer, this software is not a replacement for catalog software. While catalog software can help you manage files, you should make sure you check out its specifications before investing in it. Make sure you test it with your own images to make sure it meets your requirements. If you have used catalog software in the past, you should be cautious about purchasing a new one since the manufacturer may discontinue it in the future. You may want to use a program that can be updated easily as you add new files to your collection.

Another important feature of catalog software is that it has the ability to rename objects. For example, you can rename the table «Sales» to «MySales.» The renamed objects will appear in the Catalog Manager.

It does not replace LLSAP membership

There are a number of ways to take advantage of the service. One option is to join LLSAP, but if that’s not an option, you can also choose to implement a standalone solution. Depending on your collection size and circulation, a standalone solution may be right for you. For example, if your library has less than 50,000 books per year, you may want to consider Auto-Graphics’ Verso ILS. This software integrates with Find More Illinois and offers special pricing for smaller libraries.

LTLS has partnered with OCLC for ongoing records loading, but it does not replace LLSAP membership. It works by loading records to OCLC from a database that is updated on a quarterly basis. LTLS’s software automatically creates date stamps when a new holding is added, so it is possible to use these date stamps to upload or delete holdings. This ongoing load of records allows the member libraries to share the cost of uploading records and credits for deletions.

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