How to Use the Continue Keyword in Java


How to Use the Continue Keyword in Java


In Java, the keyword continue causes the next iteration of a loop to be executed. However, it skips any conditional tests that may be inside the loop. As such, this keyword is an indication that the code needs refactoring. Here are some examples of code where you might want to use continue.

Continue is a Java keyword

Java’s keyword for continuing skips the current iteration of the loop. It is used in conditional loops and switch cases. It can also be used in nested loops to escape the current iteration and make an empty loop body clearer. But it must be used correctly to get the most out of it.

It causes the next iteration of a loop to take place

The continue keyword can be used in a loop to force the program to continue after it terminates. It’s similar to the break keyword except that it skips the current iteration and proceeds to the next statement. Continue may also be used in conjunction with a condition.

It skips conditional tests inside the loop

The continue statement is a useful way to avoid deeply nested conditional code and optimize loops. When a conditional test fails, the continue statement skips it and continues the execution through the rest of the loop.

It is a warning that code might need refactoring

The code looks like it needs refactoring. IntelliJ will automatically move this parameter to the top of the method signature and update the rest of the code. This is a useful tool for refactoring code.

It is a verb

Continue is a verb that is frequently used in daily speech and writing. There are five main forms of continue, but all have the same meaning: to continue doing something. In English, the verb continues is also used as the past tense of a sentence, so you would use continuer in that situation.

It is a noun

The noun continue means to continue doing something. This can be with or without interruption. The word continue is closely related to the word continuous. For example, a middle school variety show can continue uninterrupted. In other situations, an activity can be paused, and then continued.

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