How to Choose an Essay Mentor

As an essaymentor, you must provide guidance for the mentsee through the writing process, as well as relieve their anxiety. When the mentee begins writing, he or she will present a draft of his or her personal statement to the mentor. It is imperative that the mentor provides honest feedback to the mentee, as well as suggestions on how to improve the essay and encouragement. As a mentor, your goal is to help the mentee achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.

The Essay Mentor Program is currently available for students in the greater Seattle area and across the country. Essay Mentors’ four-phase process has been kid-tested and is used by schools and colleges coast to coast. Before launching the company, Barak worked for the US Department of Labor for five years. He later moved on to run a teen leadership program at the Summit at Snoqualmie and was a freelance management consultant. However, he soon realized that he would prefer a collegiate lifestyle and wanted to help students pursue their goals.

An ideal mentor is an experienced person who helps a mentee grow by giving constructive feedback and guiding them to the right path. In addition to giving constructive criticism, a good mentor should be honest and empathetic. This relationship should not be exclusive and should be mutually beneficial. If you choose a mentor wisely, you can develop a relationship that could lead to a lifelong friendship. So, be sure to select the right person for the role. There are countless ways to choose a mentor.

An effective essay mentor can introduce a topic and show a mini-essay that highlights a specific idea. By doing so, the student can see how these ideas can be incorporated into a personal statement. It is crucial to develop this writing skill. The mentor should show a mini-essay, which is 250 words long, to provide a good model for how to develop ideas from the idea to a full-fledged essay.

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