How to Achieve Higher Essay Marks

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How to Achieve Higher Essay Marks


An essay is a piece of writing required for a particular assignment. This assignment requires you to present your argument and make use of the correct grammar and punctuation to reach the intended mark. In addition to this, the marks you receive for your essays should be well-written and coherent. Here are some tips for achieving higher essay marks. Before you start writing, check for plagiarism. Check for passages that have been copied from another publication, with altered words. Also, check if you have copied a passage from a lecture or a tape. If you have found any, do not suggest a fail mark.

If your essay receives lower marks than your overall grade, there may be several reasons for this. You may have serious English problems, or you may simply have weak essay writing habits. However, there are some cases when your weak point is your poor presentation. For example, even if you have a sound knowledge of the topic, a poor essay could get you a third grade simply because you did not present it well. In such cases, try to explain everything that you know and include any relevant material. If you do not feel confident with your writing skills, seek advice from tutors and peers.

Good essays contain clear information that addresses the essay question. They are well-researched, well-argued, and structured. Even if they do not have a question, the marks they receive can be improved by paying close attention to the style of the essay. A poor essay will indicate that the student has not read the course materials well enough and did not plan their essay accordingly. This means that the essay needs to be structured and free from errors.

The essay marks awarded to a student may differ from one teacher to the next. A teacher should not award a higher mark simply because he or she likes an essay’s fancy words. The teacher should check for the meaning of the words in the context. If you use a lot of jargon and illogical sentences, your student will get a bad grade. Then, check for plagiarism. The marks awarded for plagiarism are lower than those for a script written with a single source of information.

An effective introduction sets the scene and establishes the topic of the essay immediately. Within the first few sentences, you should clearly outline the topic of the essay. Defining the scope and context of the question is essential. The better the introduction, the more satisfied the reader will be with the content of the essay. It should also justify the areas of focus. It should also make it easy for the reader to see the content of the essay. Once this is done, the essay should be well-written.

Attempts to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the question and subject are also critical. Essays should focus on one main argument and provide evidence of study relevant to the topic. In addition, they should be well-structured, focussed and integrated with examples. An essay with a fifty-four-mark score will demonstrate that it has an argument and is a well-structured piece of writing. The author’s reasoning should be clear, and the argument should be well-supported.

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