L’Escapadou Launches Writing Wizard iPad App

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L’Escapadou Launches Writing Wizard iPad App


Writing Wizard is an iPad app that allows students to write essays and other papers. It supports three popular fonts and a 5-Stars play mode. It is available globally in the Education category of the App Store. For media relations, contact L’Escapadou for a promo code and developer interviews. Writing Wizard is designed for students to write, edit, and present their work in a way that impresses their teacher. To download the free version, click here.

The Writing Wizard helps students develop their motor skills for letter formation and correct spelling. It also corrects improper letter formations. It includes letters of all kinds: shapes, upper and lower-case, numbers, and whole words. It uses a 5-star range for grading difficulty and fades cues as the student becomes more accurate. Demonstrations include the letter name, sound, and starting point, as well as printable worksheets.

The Writing Wizard app allows parents to track the child’s progress. It provides visual feedback and audio cues as well as a custom word list. The app also encourages the child to practice writing by tracing letters using their finger. Writing Wizard is suitable for kids ages four and up, and grades pre-k to first grade. You can use the app while sitting down with your child to monitor progress and ensure accuracy. The Writing Wizard app is available on the App Store for $2.99.

The Writing Wizard helps children learn to trace letters and words with 26 animated stickers and fun effects. Parents can monitor their child’s progress through a customizable word list. It is also customizable for classroom use. You can choose the font and design of the letter list to help your child master the art of writing. Customization is the key to the Writing Wizard’s success. You can even create custom word lists for your students, so your classroom can use it as a tool to teach their students.

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