How to Write a Good X Essay for the UChicago Supplement

For your x essay, think outside the box. Try to tie the prompt to your personal experience. If you’re a math tutor, you might describe your experiences helping students with math problems. Or, if you’re a geocacher, you might interpret «x» as «mark the spot» and write about your experiences at a crossroads. Whether you’re writing about a geocaching trip or a crossroads you’ve encountered, the prompt is a fun place to share a personal story.

The «why X» essay is often easy to write but can be incredibly generic. You’ll want your essay to stand out from the crowd and not sound like fluff. Admissions committees have probably read plenty of these essays and are savvy enough to recognize when a piece sounds too generic. Aim for a quality, workmanlike approach, avoiding clichés and writing about what you love. You’ll be glad you did.

When writing your «Why X» essay, remember that it’s not enough to say you’re interested in a particular school. You need to identify what your personal motivation is and how that connection aligns with their core values. You can also highlight your involvement with other activities in law school and link these to your personal motivation. It’s a great way to make your application more personalized. But, it can also become a trap.

The purpose of the UChicago supplement question is to show the best sides of yourself to the university. While there’s no specific formula for a creative essay, students can use a few guidelines to make theirs as compelling as possible. When completing an application, make sure to include personal details about yourself and your background. Remember, most applicants will include one or two topics about themselves in their response, so be sure to include a bit about your goals in your essay.

The prompts can be used to explore deep interests and passionate hobbies. These topics are more likely to lend themselves to an academic tone, while others can be more personal. The key to crafting a good essay is to find words, phrases, or sounds that you can use to tell your story. For example, if you’re passionate about a particular sport, use the theme of «sports» to create a metaphor for life. You may also want to write about your favorite music or theater show.

Your essay should also be targeted to the law school you’re applying to. The admissions committee wants to know why you’re a good fit for the school. If you’ve already visited the school, your essay should reflect that. It’s worth the effort to do some research and to speak to current students. You may also want to watch videos of current students. Then, make a list of three or four things you can include. Finally, don’t forget to talk about yourself.

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