Writing from the heart requires reflection. Reflections help connect writer and reader emotionally. Readers sort meaning from scenes based on their reactions. Writers create a sense of lived experience in their readers. By writing from the heart, writers invite readers to experience the story in a different way. They invite readers to experience the story as if they are in the scene themselves. It is this reflective process that creates meaning in the stories.

When writing from the heart, we expose our vulnerable selves and the emotions that drive us. We mix reality with fiction when we write from the heart. This means that the lines between truth and fiction blur. When we write from the heart, our readers feel the feelings we write about. They respond to writing that comes from the heart and has meaning. We can’t be coached on how to write from the heart. But we can learn how to write from the heart by doing a little research.

For those who are not able to attend in person, we offer a virtual version of this workshop. We invite heart failure and heart transplant recipients to participate in our expressive writing workshop. These powerful emotions can be difficult to express, but writing has been shown to provide emotional and physiological benefits. Sharon Bray, an experienced facilitator, will guide the group through writing prompts and help them share their own writing. Writing from the heart will help people heal emotionally and physically.

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