How Smart Papers Will Change the Way We Shop

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How Smart Papers Will Change the Way We Shop


RFID tags are a part of the technology behind smart paper. These tags embed sensor capabilities in the paper itself. Silver nanoparticle inks have also been used for smart paper development by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research. As RFID tags become more compact, they will be embedded in a broader range of materials, including paper. Ultimately, the technology will be able to track and authenticate products. Smart papers could change the way we shop.

Students are also introduced to chemical reactions in Smart Papers classes. In this lesson, they will conduct a safe experiment that evolves color from invisible ink. For this project, a red cabbage is chopped into small pieces. Then, the cabbage must be boiled in water until it turns a deep purple or almost blue. After boiling the cabbage, the juice must be stored in a refrigerator to prevent spoilage. In the long run, smart paper technology will increase the value of physical goods.

SMART Papers has made a major stride in creating greener products. They have established themselves as one of the most sustainable producers of coated and uncoated papers in North America. Their SMART Papers brand portfolio includes premium coated and uncoated printing papers, commercial paper, and digital printing materials. In the process, they are also working to reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing renewable sources whenever possible. Smart Papers is now a leading manufacturer of printed materials, and their quality and innovation are second to none.

The company will continue to manufacture ultra-premium printing papers and sell their coated paper brands directly to some of their accounts. These accounts include original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), packaging printers, and laminators. Smart Papers has been in the news due to its recent layoffs and looming bankruptcy, but employees remain in shock. According to United Steelworkers Local 1967 president, a majority of employees at Smart Papers are union members.

Hamilton-based SMART Papers has begun an orderly wind-down process. Most of its manufacturing assets have been sold to a joint-venture with Hilco Industrial. The company also has a power generation facility that generates 36 megawatts of electricity. The papermaking center is located about 25 miles northwest of Cincinnati. While the company is undergoing a restructuring, it will continue to fill customer orders. But there is no word on who will eventually buy SMART Papers.

Cricut Smart Paper is a medium-weight cardstock that works without a cutting mat. Its adhesive back is perfect for cards, labels, and school projects. And unlike regular card stock, there is no messy glue to worry about. Smart Papers also make it easier to stick stickers and other products to your projects. It makes creating cards, labels, and banners a breeze. Smart Paper is compatible with Cricut Explore 3 and Maker 3.

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