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School Extreme – Extreme By Design


During the recent Texas Hurricane Harvey, students from the Cypress Independent School District (CFISD) were able to get a first-hand look at the school extreme game. The game teaches students how to think like a scientist and develop problem-solving skills. As part of the CFISD’s Professional Development Day in August, LabX staff members brought the game to the district. The goal of the CFISD is to maximize every student’s potential and prepare them to become 21st-century global citizens.

The film follows forty students from the «millennial» generation, the under-30s who are trying to change the world. Extreme By Design captures this educational revolution, capturing the spirit and ambition of the under-30 generation, which many experts have dubbed the «millennial» generation. While this generation has every reason to be fatalistic and disengaged, it shows how young people can be engaged and motivated to change the world. With this film, schools everywhere can improve student engagement by leveraging the power of technology.

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