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The title «Click Here Now!» seems to be a simple enough request, but what does that actually mean? It is a new album of poems by Devon Welsh, a former member of Majical Cloudz. The songs are interpreted musically and are available as digital downloads. The album contains 10 tracks and is well worth the listen. It was inspired by Welsh’s passion for poetry. Hopefully it will inspire others to write great poetry.

A good email copy contains calls to action (CTA) links. Click here links will convert email openers into customers. As a result, click here links are an essential part of email marketing. Click here is a phrase that was first adopted in the early days of the internet, when «here» meant «here.» As the Internet spread, standardisation rules were implemented. The word «click here» became one of these rules.

Using «click here» in a link diverts the user’s attention from the content and interface. While users are well aware of the concept of a link, they are likely to be confused if they have to read text around it. «View here» is a better choice. It puts the emphasis on the user’s task and removes half of the context for clicking on the link. However, some users may be hesitant to read the text that is surrounded by the link.

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