How to Conduct Some Research

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How to Conduct Some Research


You may be interested in a topic not covered by your class or in a field in which you are passionate. For example, you might be interested in aging and the effects it has on different cultures. You can research how different types of parenting affect different generations, the influence of globalization on the economy and even the impact of cell phones. Other possible research topics include eating habits and entertainment. And if you love music, you could focus on the changes that music has brought to various cultures.

Before you begin your research, make sure you understand the assignment. If you’re unsure of the subject, choose something you’re interested in. If possible, use background reading on the subject to learn as much as possible. Don’t use sources like Wikipedia, which are often edited by the public. Try using the library’s resources to narrow your topic and see if they give you more information than you were expecting. If you find no information on a particular subject, you may have to broaden your search.

Applied research is another common type. Applied research, also known as scientific research, measures variables to predict behaviour and make predictions about the viability of commercial projects. Market research, on the other hand, is used to develop strategies and products based on observed patterns of consumption. While both types of research have different purposes, they often draw on theoretical research to develop practical solutions. The theoretical framework of the research project helps define the field and identify possible theories.

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