The Role of an Essaymentor


The Role of an Essaymentor


As an essaymentor, your role is to support and guide your mentsee through the writing process, relieving anxiety. In many cases, mentees will share a draft of their personal statement with their mentor. Your feedback is vital to the mentee’s development, and you should offer constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the essay. In addition to providing constructive criticism, a good essay mentor should provide encouragement and support, too.

A good mentor is someone who helps a mentee develop, teaches, and inspires. A mentor is a role model for the mentee and can change a student’s attitude or perspective on a given issue. A mentor is a trusted confidant, who listens to what a mentee has to say. He or she should also be a role model, with experience and the necessary education to support and guide a mentee.

Jasmyne Ross is an Essay Mentor at Harvard University. Aside from academics, Jasmyne enjoys the outdoors, musical theater, and the student radio station WHRB 95.3 FM. Other hobbies include baking, playing the guitar, and listening to audio dramas. Her husband, Ethan, serves as a design editor for the Harvard Crimson. They both love reading and writing. While they are in school, they work together on STEM curriculum and are both involved in the arts.

When writing the essay, the mentor should introduce the topic and show a 250-word mini-essay to help a student see how a topic can be constructed into a personal statement. A mentor should also show a sample college admissions essay that was written from a teen’s point of view. This helps a student see how his or her ideas can be woven into a personal statement. When writing an essay, students should consider the topic carefully before choosing a topic. They should select one that best reflects their character and personality. They should also choose a topic that highlights something new and fresh.

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